A Child’s Song, Music and Movement Classes and Lessons for ALL

Denver Music Lessons

Fun music lessons and programs for all ages

Music Programs

Aussiroo Music Class

Music and Gym (Birth – 5yrs)

Music and movement classes for little ones… babies up to 5 years. We also offer the popular Kindermusik and Kinderkeys programs.
piano lessons for children and adults

Children and Adults

We’ve helped thousands of students since 1999 in private and group music lessons… children, teens, and adults!
special needs music therapy

Special Needs Therapy

ACS provides music-therapy classes for children with dyslexia, ADD, autism and other learning disabilities.

Music Programs

We offer personalized lessons for all ages and levels

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We like the individualized learning structure and we feel at home here.

Richard Bray, Parent

I like how happy and proud of himself [music lessons] make him.

Josh Miller, Parent

Thank you for giving our baby girl a boost, and her momma a great outlet with two babies!

Claire McKenna, Kindermusik Parent