Adult Music Lessons

Adult Music Lessons In Denver

Adult Private Music Lessons

Learn that song you’ve always wanted to play!

We work with adults who have previous experience… or no experience at all! If you have always wanted to develop your musical abilities, we will help you to learn to play music in MONTHS… not years.

Too many adults regret giving up on music lessons as a child. We’ve designed our program to make this simple and convenient for you. Your teacher will create a plan with you to fit your goals.

If you have questions, we will answer them!

Learn how to sight-read music… even complicated music!

Learn how to read basic and complex chords so you can play the music you love!

We offer enrollment options during the day and evening hours. We make this easy and flexible for you. We know that you come to us because you WANT to play music and increase your skill.

Your Music Lesson Enrollment Includes

  • We individualize and customize your lessons to your goals and desires
  • Detailed assignments given at each lesson – get the most out of your play at home
  • Four recitals per year – building confidence and commitment with each performance
  • Two “Jam Sessions” per year… an interactive band experience that builds cooperative music skills
  • Other performance opportunities are made available during the year
  • Work towards playing music of YOUR choice – or play music outside of the core curriculum
  • Progress Reports that highlight your successes and speed up your progress
  • Adults can participate in the Royal Conservatory Certificate Program – get an outside opinion on your abilities!
  • Our Awards Program will give you a sense of achievement and pride in what you’ve accomplished
  • Our 44-week year-round schedule will take into account holidays and other busy times of year
  • Convenient scheduling and billing makes life simple for your busy schedule

Music Lessons

We offer personalized lessons for adults

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